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Your husband feels exactly like we ALL felt before we were trained by Avi. I threw my daughter out of my home! Most of us felt the same way as your husband does. Many of us wished that our children would disappear. He is perfectly normal feeling that way, however, I feel sorry for him for 3 reasons:

1. My daughter today is married and shomer Torah umitzvoss because we fully embraced Avi’s approach of Twisted Parenting. In less than 3 years she went from being completely off the derech and out of control, to being a great source of pride and joy. She is probably our sweetest most caring child. I have seen so many parents who follow avi’s advice end up with amazing results, wouldn’t he want this same result?

2. Aside from saving your son, look at the difference between your HUSBAND’S PAIN and my pain. Your husband actually has had much MORE pain that any of the parents who embraced Avi’s method.

I was by Avi’s weekly meetings for THREE YEARS and I saw dozens of families come to him in WORSE shape than yours, and I have consistently seen tremendous change in both the “rebellious” children and the parents in so much pain.

3. He needs to realize that we have a mesorah that teaches parents what Hashem wants us to do when faced with this situation. The Baal Shem Tov, the Chazon Ish, The Nesivos Shalom, R’ Shimshon Pincus, R’ Shach, R’ Pam and many more tzaddikim gave us clear hadrachah. A big part of this nisayon is that we parents are being challenged. We need to step up to the plate and follow what Hashem wants us to do. At least your husband should find out what THOSE TZADDIKIM wrote about your situation and follow their advice.

If your husband would have another mihalech of treatment, that would be one thing, however, he is stuck with the pain and frustration that I personally experienced before coming to Avi, but he is choosing to live with this pain for several years for absolutely no toelles.

Please ask him:

1. does he really PREFER feeling this way day and night compared to changing the way HE feels and also actually possibly saving your sons life?

2. If the way your son is acting is hurting him so much why not embrace the medicine that can perhaps change his behavior?

The offer still stands…