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m in Israel

Peacemaker — I most certainly did not refer to a child as a “tzaar”! Please read my post again more carefully. The word “tzaar” means pain. I said the second case was “with the added tzaar (pain) of a child on the way.” It is usually true that a divorce with children (or in this case with a pregnant wife) involves more pain, even from the simple perspective of an additional person having to live with added pain (“tzaar”) in their life. Additionally it is more painful for the couple who must now worry about the impact on their child. It is the divorce which is painful, and divorce with children is even more painful — of course it is not the child who is the source of pain. In this particular case the mental health issues of the husband that led to the divorce should have been revealed before hand. This happened a number of years ago, and the child who lived many years with minimal contact with his father certainly suffered much pain — and this was an added dimension to the tzaar that always accompanies the breakup of a marriage.