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Health, please take off the tin-foil cap. I have no agenda here other than defending Klal Yisrael from an inadvertent attack by someone who I’m sure meant well. Please see my post after yours for further clarification. And I’ve agreed with you many times that toeiva marriage should not be legalized, so you’re the one projecting (obviously false) things on to me. Please, stick to the facts.

Regarding the wording of the OP, the “in some ways” portion is irrelevant to the issues at hand. I still maintain the post was just as off and incorrect even with those words, though, as I said, I believe she meant well and those words do further clarify that she meant well.

I think I’ve made my point already, but I’ll do so again regarding the toeiva travesty: **We** are not representative of society’s moral deficiencies and society does not represent our status as the Am Segulah MiKal HaAmim. So just because certain states have passed this abominable legislation, this DOES NOT REFLECT ON US nor does it damn society as a whole either, despite these few terrible blots on the overall fabric of society.

As I mentioned earlier, even the secular news media picked up that Jews voted out a fellow Jew in favor of a non-Jew (a Catholic) because this Jewish politician had the nerve to not only vote for this toeiva but to defend it that he had to vote for it AS A JEW.

So **we** do NOT “cover up the evil”.

Besides, there are plenty of states still, B”H, that have not introduced such terrible legislation. Whereas by Noach, the Torah clearly tells us “Ki Mal’ah HaAretz Chamas…” It was universal across the land.

So as I said, there is no comparison between this generation and that of the Mabul, despite a minority of states considering/passing toeiva bills, R”L.

The copying music comparison to the GREAT AND MALICIOUS EVIL of Sedom is even more incorrect, as I mentioned above. Please see my previous post.