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Shticky Guy

Just Smile: Wow! A welcome from the Baal Achsanya him/herself! Thank you!

My problem is that its so hard to get the cd away from the kids that I can only listen to bits and pieces at a time. I heard the entire bigson and seresh episode today, so here’s my best parts:

1. When they keep saying to Achashverosh (who could have them killed for the most minor reason): “sure thing king”.

2. On their way to the gallows when Seresh says “sorry Bigson it wont happen again!”

3. When they discuss their plot initially and mordechai goes over to them and says: “Can I help you gentlemen?”

Bigson: Yes mordechai, we were wondering how we could kill the… urgh!

Seresh: … The King’s poultry.

Bigson: Hey excuse me Seresh! Like we were saying, Mordechai do you have any ideas how we can…

Seresh: …er … Cook his goose.

Bigson: Or else we’ll make the king a real dead duck!