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Question question question… Even if the boat was 100% kosher. So kosher that only righteous frum men went on the cruise, worked on the cruise, and prayed on the cruise and it was a temporary kollel that filled in when a real-land kollel flooded.

After the real-land kollel was restored and the righteous frum men were permitted to return to their kollel, a few men wanted to daven an extra day or two at sea.

Shabbos, their families, and any other normal responsibilities would not be affected by their extra time on the cruise ship.

***The issue is that when this ship is at sea, it discharges all their waste into the ocean without restrictions. It’s far enough away from land to disregard any legislative concern for the environment, and so it does.

Is it permissible for the talmudim to be on board on such a vessel without the need and for only amusement or the joy of learning in a new setting, when it comes at the expense of such needless pollution?