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I taught this past year at a Reform Temple and won’t continue. I can compromise all the energy I have to try to be “neutral” with their ways and understandings of Judaism, but it truly became impossible. First, (as some others here pointed out) several students were not Jewish (because of an non-Jewish mother)- so they wouldn’t even be allowed alone in a room with a non-mevushal bottle of wine. Second, I kept my politics to my self, but EVERYTHING about that Reform Temple and their clergy is about politics- one way or another. Whether it’s regarding feminism (even though I found it discriminatory that their Temple’s “Rabbi”, Cantor, president, and school leadership were all women, with not one male), or opening our homes and our lives to the disadvantaged one (LGBTQ) and fully open borders (since we were once slaves in Egypt), and being “fair” to Israel and the Palestinians. I’m still not sure how since Yosef Avinu was a stranger in the land, why we must open our homes for LGBTQ non-documented immigrants? Many students told me that religion is something nice to believe in and something to study as an academia, but they don’t believe in the Torah or in a G-D. Third, their entire fiber is falling apart, regarding their school enrollment numbers, their membership, their donations, etc. They blame the low school enrollment on social media and cellphones (but somehow neighboring Frum shuls and yeshivas in neighboring Bergen Co are excelling).

Concluding, I don’t believe they have a future, I don’t believe they are or want to be part of what Judaism has to offer.