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the now famous picture of non other then the chofetz chaim ztl shows him attending the kenissa gedola in a polish “peasants” hat
so if your coming from a kovod hatora view the MB himself didnt seem to be busy with his outside appearance vs-vs how the outside world would preceive him.
he didnt need a hamburg and kapoto to know who he was
seems its only today when we are emptish inside that we feel the need to impress and command respect by our mode of dress .
if you want to brand yourself as a yeshivaman or ben torah then perhaps their is a point in dressing a certain way
then again some are way overboard when they take a walk in 90 degree weather together with their wife and still feel the need to wear a jacket and tie too .
i always want to remind them they forgot their hat but always mind my own business but being the question was posed
i can air my personal view on the issue