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Firstly, you are being motzei Shem rah on an entire amazing community and I take offense to that.
Not exactly. He didn’t say everyone is a prutza.
Please try not to be motzei Shem rah on him.

Maybe you should take a job in the city and see what true pritsuz looks like.
What does that mean? Since In the city women walk around in bathing suits, so a women in a short tight skirt is not pritzus ??

You choose to be mevayesh women in MY community when there is absolutely no issue right now in the cold months of the winter
Absolutely no problem?
That’s beyond amazing. I don’t know your community. But I have been to many Jewish communities.
There are always some issues. In every community.

As I posted on a different thread.
One who covers up for people who do עבירות is transgressing ולא תחניפו את הארץ