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Neville ChaimBerlin

RGP: The Minhag Lubavitch is for men not to wash on seudah shlishis. To rehash stuff that has already been said on the CR: the Rema holds you can be yotzei shalosh seudos without bread. The Chabad minhag of avoiding bread seems to have started with the Tzemach Tzedek (according to posters here).

“The origin of not eating fish with milk is definitely NOT a typo.”
“Almost all Ashkenazim rely on the Ramo, who says that the Beis Yosef made a mistake, נתחלף לו בשר בחלב”
By “typo” people might be referring to the shittah that it’s a mistake/he didn’t really mean it. Clearly that shittah is not “definitely” wrong when all Ashkenazim hold of it.

I might just be misunderstanding your point, but where did you get the idea that achronim never hold that something in the S”A is a copier’s mistake?