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Little – “Where you go wrong is that your choice to refrain from something enters it into a category of issur, that someone that makes another choice, and doesn’t adhere to the chumra you have chosen is being “meikil”. That is blasphemous. ”

Let me use the example of a thread I started: There is a shita (opinion) stay up BOTH nights of Shavuos, The sifrei halacha endorse this shita but say that these days most people have difficulty staying up both nights. That is called a HETTER. One who doesn’t stay up both nights is being MEIKEL ecause under strict halacha, one should stay up both nights.

When people start giving all kinds of justifications for not staying up both nights, claiming that they AREN’T being meikil, that is called wimping out.

One poster even justified not staying up the first night of Shavuos so that he can daven better. That is being meikel against the accepted halacha and having the chutzpah of claiming that it is proper I would respect if he said he is weak and doesn’t have the ability to stay up, but to make sleeping on Shavuos night into a “mitzva” – is hypocracy and a mockery.

In halacha there is often various opinions. One can choose to be meikel like the lenient opinions – but recognize that you ARE being MEIKIL. That you are NOT following the opinions that are machmir. That you are not doing something that is unanimous – l’chol hadayos. That you are wimping out and chosing the easy path in frumkeit.