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“SORRY – Not enough Zinc!
You need at least 200mg/day PO for Covid19.”

nope I and they don’t. They did fine with 100.

“I’m really bored with this entire non factual back and forth. ”

Are you being forced to read this thread? blink twice if you need rescuing

“So Ubiquitins “Shkoiyach” in his last post about nursing homes”
the shkoyach wasn’t about nursing homes. (I’m not even sure what you thought I was referring to)
It was about unsolicited advice about what someone else would have done in a situation not related to the one I was in.

“and much more of what he’s been saying”

I am saying one thing and one thing only: Dr. Zelenko’s patients report does not prove that HCQ helps. That is all.
All the rest is commenting on follow up questions.

“he has not researched from a common sense one”
what does that mean? how do you research from common sense perspective?