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@MadeAliyah You literally addressed none of my comment. Why are speed limits not attacking your personal liberties? Why should masks have not be required? You just keep harping on this flu narischkeit, pretending that it’s as dangerous and infectious as COVID like it’s some sort of massive shtuch on the whole masking requirement. While you admit that masks saved lives, you still are dismissive of it and claim that it shouldn’t be required because of “personal liberties”. You can’t just ignore the pandemic, it actually happened and masks really worked to slow it down. What is “default position” anyway? Some dream where people can do whatever they want? Like drive over the speed limit?

the need to save lives does not always require me to take action

So let me get this straight. You admit that masks directly saved lives, perhaps even many lives. You admit that you wore a mask when required and it wasn’t that big of a deal. And that far less people would have died had everyone listened to the governments when they were requiring masks. And yet you still think that some nonsense called your “personal liberties” takes precedence? Where are your “personal liberties” when the Shiltoin HaKoifrim demands you pay taxes? Or those chauvanist Rabbis insist that women wear long sleeves in the summer?