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Yesr -” the best thing Lindell has to offer in an entire two hours of video is something like the Jessy Jacob thing,”

Stop with your Lies!
That’s all you Libs know how to do!
I’ll tell what Lindel’s Documentary is about – I didn’t watch all of it, but what I saw was 3 experts saying that the Computer Systems switched the Votes for Trump to Biden!

You Libs are living in your Fantasy World.
You’re enjoying your life here in the US of A, but it might Not last.
First the Woke people went after the cops, Now it’s the Jews. (LA, NYC & now Vegas.)
This will be the New Normal in the US of A.
I know the Politicians are Decrying the Antisemitism.
But the Hypocrisy of the Left is Sickening!
Every time a Right wing looney did something – they Blamed Trump.
First of all, there are plenty of Antisemities in Congress, eg. Sanders, the Squad.
But with the logic of always blaming Trump, the Whole Nation should Blame Biden for all the Antisemitism!