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@torahvaluesoverparty and @syag-lchochma The Democrats certainly are going overboard in stifling any talk of election fraud which is stupid and just biting them in the back. But their reasoning is still sound, the more investigations they allow, the more power the “Give Me Trump or Give Me Death” crowd gains. That doesn’t mean there’s veracity to the claims just because they don’t want them investigated. Personally I think everyone should just ignore these silly endless audits and recounts. But then no one ever asks my opinion.

I googled “Ruby Freeman” for giggles. Ok, I did know about that story, but I forgot her name. Thing is, she wasn’t “the center of accusations”. She was the center of accusation for that week. Because during the end of the elections, there was a different accusation, a different claim, and a different uber-evil that was causing all the fuss! And the claim about Freeman not only didn’t have a leg to stand on, but I don’t think even made it as far as any official claim given in to courts. She’s actually a pretty good microcosm of the whole mess. She was the subject of an hour long phone conversation with a group of Georgia Republicans who had to repeatedly tell Trump that what he’s looking for simply doesn’t exist. “Well then you’re not looking hard enough”. Do you see what happened? Trump and his supporters were so convinced by themselves (and no evidence) that there was fraud, that when they were faced with the facts that there’s nothing to what they’re looking into, they refused to step down and insisted that it’s their!

This isn’t even comparable the HCQ or the vaccines. I am willing to admit that I may be wrong about those. There is a bit of contradictory research and a lot of very confusing trails that may or may not mean something. Like there’s actual evidence that HCQ helps with COVID and there were people who kept on trying to downplay it. But here, there’s literally nothing. Just a lot of people shouting about something that didn’t happen.