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    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Yserbius –

    one of my hobbies is arguing on the Internet, so I’ve gotten pretty good at tracking down claims and separating fact from fiction.

    so here’s the thing, I don’t like arguing on the internet or in real life. I was just giving my personal view of the situation, saying that it has come from gleaning facts I can evaluate myself without collecting random opinions. And that it left me wondering why anyone who is running an honest show wants to refuse an audit. Or wants to wipe their cell phones. Or wants to resist fact finding on things they swear are “kosher” but won’t allow anyone to evaluate. It is suspect. If they are so clean then prove it. And I believe that the resistance makes me personally more suspicious than the facts may have done.


    @syag-lchochma Nobody has an unbiased personal view of any situation. Look, Trump has been hyping this election up for months beforehand, insisting over and over again that there will be fraud. So it should come to no surprise that people saw exactly what they wanted to see when it came time for polling.

    I wasn’t even “collecting opinions”, all I did was read the claims that were submitted in court and read how they were interpreted by different news sources. If a claim was rejected (which they all were) I would dig a little deeper to find out why. That’s all.

    Furthermore, the claims that there’s this concentrated effort to hinder investigations are just as baloney as the original claims of fraud! The real roadblock is that people are sick of this stupid and baseless investigation. The Democrats didn’t try to stop the Maricopa audit because they had something to hide, they tried to stop it because not only is it a waste of time and money, but even if it turns up nothing, it will only benefit the hard core ma’aminim in the getchkeh of Trump.


    Yserbius, no im not either a researcher, however I do possess some common sense, and sometimes thats more than enough, as i’ve told you in the past on regards to Hydroxychloroquine. So in our case, we see Ruby Freeman talking piles of ballots and putting them into the tabulators multiple times. Is that automatic fraud? No, certainly not, perhaps there was something wrong with the machines, and the ballots needed to be recounted, or perhaps that was somehow part of the process. However answers are needed, as actions such as these are awfully suspicious. It would not take a “conspiracy theorist” to conclude from the video that fraud was committed. Good thing the Republicans understand how important trust in the election process is, and aren’t letting up with all the audits to come.


    @torahvaluesoverparty I’m not going to start chasing down every new scenario that’s brought up. I don’t know who Ruby Freeman is, nor do I care. I do know that every single accusation I looked at where Trumps team was claiming to be iron-clad proof turned out to be wet paper-clad. And then I came to this thread and I asked (repeatedly!) for any evidence that could convince a person that there was widespread fraud. The best examples given were a lady who didn’t know what she was talking about and a two hour video of a guy who did (but lied the whole way through).


    Yserbius, don’t tell the Democrats are hiring top lawyers, crying about the audits 24/7 because suddenly they care about taxpayer money. Besides, the Maricopa audit is being privately funded, so there goes that argument. And besides, opposing the audit because of money doesn’t explain why Democrats aren’t complying with already ongoing audits.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    “Look, Trump has been hyping this election up for months beforehand, insisting over and over again that there will be fraud. So it should come to no surprise that people saw exactly what they wanted to see when it came time for polling.”

    If this is the type of conclusions you draw after research, there is a reason you work in the sciences. People don’t work that way, anti trumpers just think they do. Which is why i wasn’t interested in having discussions about my questions or conclusions with you. I was only putting it out there that someone could feel that way. Especially since it is so far from your assumptions of how we think.

    The rest of your post is you just restatung again your conclusions and why you believe they must be right but that means nothing to me. Im not looking for your take on it, I’m wanting to know what happened.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Torahvalues- saddest of all is that you know you’ll never know. Barr swears heads will roll and durham goes awol. Crickets on the new HCQ findings and reports on myocardial issues from the vaccine. There’s no accountability, no interest in truth and people like Yserbius calling everyone trump sheep is about all they need to say to make it all turn invisible.

    It’s like a scene from a really sad movie.


    Yserbius, I don’t need you to search out and answer for every one of lindells claims, however if you don’t know who ruby freeman is, I don’t believe you did that much research into the election altogether. Ruby freeman has been at the center of accusations over the last 6 months in Georgia.
    Syag-100%, its really sad. Speaking of the vaccine, my friend just ended up in the hospital a day after taking the vaccine. Bh he’s ok now, but being that the vaccine poses near zero risk to me, I don’t plan on taking it anytime soon…

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