yubiquitin, you are correct that the covid-19 shot affecting the cells’ RNA is not undisputed, I shouldn’t have written that. In fact, it is more plausible that the DNA’s, not the RNA’s, reaction is modified by the shot. But again, that also is not something most people agree with at this point. The truth remains to be seen. Also I said the shot affects all the body’s cells, but I shouldn’t have written that as well as for now it is not a certainty with a study showing that the spike proteins remain stuck to the cell surface around the injection site (which I find hard to believe, I think that study is tainted) and another study finding the protein spike in the shot in the bloodstream of shot recipients.

But in any case, the bottom line remains that while the covid-19 vaccine may not enter the nucleus of a cell, which is what the proponents of this vaccine are using to prove that it doesn’t affect the cell’s DNA, the shot actually forces the cell to produce the spike protein and since the cell’s functions are controlled by the nucleus it is simply impossible that it doesn’t affect at least the response of the nucleus of the cell. The MSM, CDC, Google, etc. are only putting forth info that the mRNA “forces” the “cell” to produce spike proteins and they remain mum on how that process actually works within the cell. And since we all know that RNA can only produce proteins through the DNA’s transmission process, we can reasonably assume that the mRNA needs the DNA as well to produce the spike protein. We know for sure that the mRNA cannot not produce the spike protein on it’s own, there is a process within the cell that that causes the mRNA to trigger the cell to produce the protein and since, again, every cell is controlled by the nucleus, the process of the mRNA forcing the cell to produce the proteins MSUT involve the nucleus despite the fact (?… according to official channels) that it doesn’t enter it. That the vaccine not affecting the DNA is utter non-sense as the cell’s function is controlled by the nucleus and the RNAs and proteins in cells work are a result of the DNA’s process of transmission so one must be missing some grey cells to think the mRNAs can simply force the cell to produce spike proteins without the involvement of the DNA and nucleus. The mainstream explanation of how the shot works is that it supposed to “teach” your “cell” how to see the virus and it makes the cell produce spike proteins. But again, notice there is no mention of exactly HOW this process happens. While the mRNA won’t change the makeup up the DNA, it certainly affects its response to it, and the long term implications are not known yet, although in the short term we have seen many healthy individuals death after getting the covid-19 shot as well as people developing myocarditis and pericarditis.

So people are saying that 99% of indiviuals not recovering from covid-19 is a large number but what about the fatalities of people taking this shot? I doubt the data will ever honestly be known because while covid-19 was hyped by every person who died being tested for the virus and very often their death being registered and counted as a result of the virus while in reality it may have been different conditions resulting in the death, in the case of people dying after taking the shot, a plethora of reasons why the person died will explain the death and it is not counted as the official cause of death. So the actual numbers of the death and also other serious illnesses from the shot will not be known as there are no controlled studies as is the case with all other medication and vaccines years before hitting the market. The fatalities and long term complications from the shot may never be truly known so we cannot say that the deaths by this shot are less than from those who get infected by covid-19.