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Isn’t it something that none of the other posters set aside any time in the last month to dig up this post? Surely, this is an issue that must be resolved immediately!

The Mishnayos are listing matters that take precedence over others. The Bull Offering of the Kohen Gadol comes before the Bull Offering of the Community. Next Mishna. Man precedes woman to sustain life. (What does that mean?) To my scant knowledge, not codified anywhere by the RAMBAM Matters of shame the women comes first. But if both are facing indignities the man comes first. Codified by RAMBAM M”A 8:15 Last mishna. Kohwn before Levi et cetera ….. This when they are equal. ….. talmid chacham precedes kohen gadol am haaretz.

Nowhere does the Mishna discuss life and death. At most it can be stretched to preserving a life. But nowhere is there even a shred of thinking that people should die just to prove a point about hierarchy. In almost all scenarios triage exists to create the highest possible efficacy of saving as many lives as possible. How many cases are there that insisting on a hierarchy will not hinder in saving lives?