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your quote is not fully clear to me, but I found a couple of quotes from R Yisroel Moshe Sorotzkin online, very interesting, thanks. I am with you (and him) that Covid was (is?) an unusual punishment that has serious messages to us – especially when people were isolated, public institutions closed…

so far, I do not see public reaction that answers this message.

One type of reaction is to ignore the restrictions and continue “as usual”. This seems to ignore the message R Sorotzkin underscores. “Thanks for your message, Hashem, we are going as usual”.

Another approach from some – to double-down, increase learning, better davening, increase outreach, etc. This is very respectable approach, but I am not sure it is still responsive to the message. It is like when Hashem is punishing mitzrim with blood in the water – they respond with more blood … If Hashem closed all shuls, did he davka want them to daven louder?! I presume he wanted a qualitative change.

The approach that resonated with me was the one that Yidden should look with a fresh eye at their family, strengthen their connection, sometimes learn how to live – and to learn – with your family members, who you used to see for only 2 hours a day; strengthen connection to your friends, making sure they are OK; consider safety of others, including strangers. This last part sounds like a most profound religious message – you may unknowingly harm someone, whether a close elderly relative or a totally unknown person, via a routine interaction. Many people would be willing to do this in limited case, say when visiting a hospital, but being careful on a daily basis seems to be too much for most of population.