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I agree with just me. Too much emphasis isplaced on dress, not behaviour. Three recent incidents:

1. I was at a yeshivish chasuna 3 weeks ago at the hall on 14th ave and 53 st. When it came to daven Mincha at the tish, about 50 men, who had already davened, continued to shmooz while eveyone else was davening. My chavrusa, the father of the chasan, later told me that he personally makes sure he davened Mincha before coming to a simcha because of this .

2. I was at a Pidyon, also in Boro Park, two months ago. Again, every one was properly attired in black hat and suits. While the baal simcha attempted to give a dvar Torah, about 8-% of the olam continued to talk .

3. My great-nephew, a student at a yeshiva in Brooklyn, was recently bar-mitzvahed.

His classmates who already bar-mitzvahed, were shmoozing during davening, but wearing their brand new black hats.