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to those who yell ‘kanuous'(because the truth hurts) what this about if its some kind of plague, YES WE ARE KANOIM AND PROUD OF IT!!!!!!,hey.irhakodesh, we can also insert exclamation points, even more than one (we say its toichach,really dont know the difference)..and pshute yid , dont worry about what the holy geon hageonim the chazon ish said about kanuous…dont pick and choose. you dont even go on the derech of the chazon ish…like those who are oiver on kol hatorah kilo (not you) and when its pointed out to them they cry,’ahavas yisroel,loshon hora, sinas chinom etc,’..the eibishter didnt put those mitzvos for your convieniance so when it suits you, to pull it out of your hat and wave and say ‘it let me do my thing (judaism that you feel comfortable with) and we should observe ‘loshon horah etc..’besides we pointed out many times where and why these mitzvos are not shayech to these cases…..this post belong to following link…..