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Sorry, Mariner, but your “expertise” apparently has its limits, as evidenced by your posting. The “hospital” reference was most amusing.

More importantly, my gentle advice is to ask your LOR if it is permitted to advise others who use a Shomer Shabbos company to check out “others”. Although I am very careful to use Jewish shops/companies whenever possible, it is extraordinarily rare to find an Observant Jew who deliberately “informs” others that evangelical companies might be a better place, without having been asked. Aside from the fact that I don’t believe it is possible to be more pleasant, courteous, and professional than Yeshivanet.

B”H, this abhorrent behavior is a rarity in Observant Jewry.

And to preempt your knee-jerk response, no, I am not “related” to the crew at Yeshivanet, nor know them on a personal or social level. This has provided another dimension, though, of the dangers internet pose to some impulsive, not-yet-wise individuals.