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“notpashut- “shetikah ke-hodoah domo”. That strengthens MY case!”

Not at all – it just means that I don’t sit at my computer waiting for you posts.

I said 10 million times during the da’as torah debate with yourself & cantoresq that I agree one thousand percent that a gadol can make a mistake.

My point then & now is that YOU stating that R’ Elyashiv is making a mistake is like you stating that NASA makes their rockets all wrong.

You are so far from their level that all you accomplish by making such statements is making a total fool of yourself & your position.

This is EXACTLY my point about saying people much bigger than yourself are wrong.

So that there should be no misunderstandings at all I will be somewhat explicit.

Rabbi Dr. M. Tendler is a massive Talmid Chochom. Therefore NO NORMAL CHAREIDI PERSON would speak out against him ON THEIR OWN VOLITION being that it’s pretty dumb to start up with someone who is a much bigger person than yourself.

However, being that THE GEDOLIM who ARE on his level are of the opinion that he is a no-goodnik, chareidim who follow their Rabbonim will speak out against him. (I WILL NOT be drawn into further discussion of this topic – I am only using it now to be crystal clear).

YOU & others posters like you, on the other hand speak against R’ Elyashiv with no compunction whatsoever based on YOUR OWN OPINION – AND THEN when it is pointed out to you, you scranble to find R’ Ovadia, R’ Menashe Klein, Lubavitcher shlichim & R’ Grossman & if they wouldn’t exist you would stick to your guns anyway. So what they say in terms of our discussion is thoroughly irrelevant.

THAT is the epitome of hubris & puts you into the category of a mevaze talmid chochom. (The Gadol Hador, no less!!)

If you had said in the first place that MY GEDOLIM say that R’ Elyashiv is wrong, & therefore… then, even though I would vehemently disagree – we would be able to have a mature debate.

However once you feel that YOU are the “bar plugta” of R’ Elyashiv then we really have nothing further to discuss.

BTW, why is it that everyone knows R’ Moshe for his far-reaching “kullos”, but convienently forgets that he had many, many far-reaching “chumros”. They are also printed in Igros Moshe – believe it or not!