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As ridiculous as responding is, I still want the last word. (People just think I’m older; but, I’m still a kid.)

All of the Torah is [(forever living in the hearts and minds of) is English we use determine] determined by our chachamim. (All A is B)

And, the entire world is a constant reflection of Torah. (All C is A)

And, since A, B and C exist; the world is determined by the chachamim. (All C is B.)

Proving validity is easy according to the modern logic system. (Easier if I would know enough to understand Torah.) It is sound to because the premises are written in the Torah. There is no rebuttal until the day someone proves one letter in the Torah incorrect. Because that is impossible, the argument stands as fact. Your argument cannot be arranged as such.

Sometimes, the only way to force acceptance of an opinion is harsh language, which is the reason why we are commanded to put on an angry face for our children.