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not read in too much hud, just a t-w-i-s-t-e-d sense of humor. In all seriousness, there have been hints dropped perhaps unknowingly in the string of posts pointing to a swing of attitude against individualism and toward uniformity. It is evidenced in the Hassidishe levush, in our girls wearing school uniforms, in women more and more dressing in all black. There are obviously good things to some of this, but the question is where is this all comming from? The stock answer for some is the “famous” maamar “zchus gimel devareim nigalu…. Now this is quoted in seven placed in Medrash and Sifri, as bzchus 4 devarim. In the lists of four, there is no mention of malbush. Only in one, psikda zutrasi,is it three things and one is malbush. Logically, the list of four is a stronger mesorah, than a list of three with a radical value. As so, it is wrongly abused, because someone somwhere obviously changed. We did not have recklach and peos in mitzrayim as some hasidic 2nd grade workbooks would have u believe. There was a precursor to the western trousers and suit jacket, as there was to the hasidic levush. So the push to some idealized model is worrisome because it is not based on emes. The move of the Yeshivish Sfardi crowd to the black package with fedora is also a serious deviation from the ways of their fathers. A teirutz may be that a chacham is enjoined to dress in a “beged na’eh v’naki. Na’eh changess with time and place and can also mean the very reverse of uniformity. Naki was adressed in posts above.