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To all those that inquired about Shidduch World

We do have Shaddchanim that work on our data base. However, in order to become a Shaddchan for our site, Shidduch World, you must submit to us the names of at leat two or three Shidduchim you have completed. We also require references that know the Shaddchan applying, (such as a Rov) that can testify for them that they will keep everthing confidential. The shaddchan also has to commit to work a minimum amount of hours a week, even though they are just volunteers. After Shidduch World’s staff has approved the shaddchan he/she must sign a confidentiality agreement and submit a log of Shidduchim that they worked with or tried on a monthly basis. This is to ensure that the site is not being used for ones curiosity.

We are working on getting more Shaddchanim to work with our site, however many do not qulify for various reasons.

In regard to happy girls question as to what makes Shidduch World different then SYAS: No single on Shidduch Worlds site can contact another single without going through a Shaddchan ( at least before the first date or two) unlike other websites that singles can meet, chat, and or date without going through a Shaddchan. We go through each persons profile individually, at Shidduch World, in order to assure that our site is appropriate and fit to be called a “FRUM ONLY WEBSITE”.

Thanks for asking,

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