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So true how words are interpreted the way the listener wants to hear it.

Friend: “Curious is a great kid, very outgoing, fun, etc.”

Mother: “Oh, that sounds too loud for my child.”

Try again.

Friend: “Curious is very fine, sincere, sensitive, etc.”

Mother: “Way too introverted for my gem of a child.”

How about words like “open-minded”, “wordly”, and my favorite – “yeshivish”. I bet you if I’d ask 10 members here to define yeshivish, we’d get 65 different definitions. All these words are so incredibly relative to the speaker’s/listener’s background. It means something so different for everyone. I’ve actually gotten into philosophical discussions with parents on shidduch calls regarding these relative words. What does this mean, “Is xyz frum?” ?!?!

You have to try your best and allow the Ultimate Matchmaker to arrange for selective hearing.