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But rebetzin, that makes it an even greater reason to stay. There is more tumah in a place that there is more kedusha so we have to fight harder even as adults to stay ahead of the game and not get sucked into the bad influences, and this issue of at-risk teens is a global phenomenon its not synonymous with just RBS. Its happening all over the world and stating that one place is better than the other or that you’re more protected somewhere else is a very naive approach to the issue at hand. And the statistic was just to prove a point its not a scientific equation that is completely accurate. thank you for the compliment of my staying abilities I hope more people will find the courage to move to Ertz Yisrael so that we can proove ourselves as a united AM-nation. We are a united nation we just have to work a little harder so that the rest of our family feels the same way and they feel like they belong with us. This is where we all belong.