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And I agree with Charly Hall. Perhaps I don’t agree with him on all his political positions, but I do wholly agree that Conservatism is not holy and has nothing to do with Yiddishkeit. While we align with them because of their tendency to stick up for morality, that doesn’t mean that they have the Messora Hakedosha.

The Yidden in Shushan are criticized for joining Achashveiroshes Seuda. This total submission to a certain party really bothers me. I see here on this site and in the non virtual world, Yidden who idolize talk show figures.

Like I said, I vote Republican in general since they advocate ideas that are important to me. However, I do not say, Mi Ke’amcha Conservatives. I think that deep down, they are extremists; they don’t believe in the government helping anyone at all. When confronted, they’ll either they the absurd claim that if taxes would go down then everyone will be prosperous and there will be no need for government help. Or, they’ll say that sure we should continue helping but we should cut out the unnecessary projects. The other, more common response is to ask a caller some unrelated questions untill you get back into friendly turf, and then hang up.