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“Many of us now-single mothers had to become strong and unafraid IN ORDER TO RUN OUR HOMES AND TAKE CARE OF OUR CHILDREN ON OUR OWN.Do not jump to the totally WRONG conclusion that this new-found strength IS WHAT SCARED THE POOR LITTLE HUSBANDS.

You could not be further from the truth!”

There is nothing wrong with women standing up on their own to stop themselves from being abused. This is in the case of real abuse. There are a lot cases were the abuse isn’t real -were friends of the woman convince the woman that she is abused. If you don’t get your way every single time, then you’re abused. They can be doing this for years until the woman sees it as the “truth”. They can now take this empowerment and go off the derech and take the kids with them. The women’s lib movement was a lot about women’s empowerment -this isn’t always the way of Hashem. I think the women who cry wolf about abuse, is because a lot were brought up as JAP’s. They think “Alas Koompt Oonez”!