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Health,I act like my story is over.It isn’t,I’ve just learned how to deal with it as best as I can.If I look at photo albums of kids who were unfairly taken from me…I can’t–so I don’t.I’m turning the pages of this book called My Life,and the BIG PICTURE IMPROVES MORE AND MORE EACH DAY.Really,soooo much has gotten better in the last few years.On the other hand,CERTAIN THINGS CAN’T GET BETTER,BECAUSE THE TIME IS GONE,AND WITH IT,SHARED MEMORIES THAT COULD HAVE BEEN.I concentrate on the “here and now” because there is enough good to make the pain of the not-good BEARABLE,and I still lead a relatively happy life,b”h.

What your ex did has not enhanced your life,and has distanced you from some/all of your children too.

But I do believe that whether my personal avodas hashem will be as a single person or not—THE BEST IS YET TO COME.I believe that,and it keeps me going.