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“I don’t care if the goyim violate the mitzvos bnei Noach. That is their problem, we have enough of our own to worry about.”

Such was the derech of a certain town in the Negev, the one that you get a few granules of every time you buy Ahava cosmetics. Laor goyim means being a moral light, because the whole world goes down when people act as they did in Sdoim.

We are leaderless. We need the Lubavitcher Rebbe ZYA, Rav Avigdor Miller ZYA and others who understood that we have to influence the goyim as well – and not through politics or extreme actions but through education. When leaders of that caliber left the world, America in particular sank – from Reagan, to Bush 1, to the immorality of Clinton, to Bush 2 who tried but couldn’t reverse the decline – to the present situation where the US is barely the leader of the free world anymore and the malchus shel chessed is becoming more like good old Sdoim where they cut you or stretched you to fit their mold.

Dov Hikind can try all he wants, but he is a politician with no moral standing. Rav Levin is an NK style loose cannon who takes things to an extreme and ends up sounding lehavdil like Westboro at times.

The only answer is Moshiach. Otherwise, we will be speaking Chinese as they know better than to let things like toeva marriage destroy the fragile fabric of the civil society they are just beginning to build.