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You’re welcome.

Here’s a thought – maybe at one point there were three-way switches in boxes “A” and “B” in the above diagram, so that the fixture could be turned on and off from two separate locations.

This would account for the three-conductor cable that apparently was run between “A” and “B”. Look for a covered switch box, possibly near a second doorway in the room. If you find one, take off the cover and see if its wiring matches the above sketch, plus the third red wire running to box “B” in the three-conductor cable.

(This is just a thought/possibility – I’m far from certain that this was the setup).

This makes no difference in the le’maseh that you’ll need to run a three-conductor cable between “A” and “C” if my diagram is correct and you want the light controlled by a wall switch while the fan is controlled by a pull-cord, each independent of the other. This is just to potentially help you locate box “A”.