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zahavasdad, So am I, and that is why I got involved.

Mike, thanks. You believe it because b”h you are using the common sense Hashem gave you, and you have a heart and soul that feels another’s pain instead of being blindly lead by peer pressure and propaganda.

Health, I am not trying to Bash Rabbonim either, I am speaking the truth and trying to effect change. Why is it that threads are started about women who wear this and that, and girls who do this and that, and any other topic people don’t approve of, but if Rabbonim do something wrong, we can’t talk about it, we are “BASHING” Rabbonim if we speak the truth.

Yita, 1) again you assume too much and you are wrong. I never said that the group of Rabbonim are lowlifes, these are words YOU are using and trying to credit to me. I never said that, nor am I Rabbi BASHING, I am saying that they failed in this issue, and failed badly. I am speaking the truth and brining it to your and everyone else’s attention so people stop accepting it as OK, it is absolutely NOT OK.

2) Again you are living in a dream world and making assumptions that YOU can live with. The one question I will answer is one that I have already answered, no I can’t have respect for them until they right this wrong. Do you really want me to list and discuss each member of the Organization and who knows what and who did what according to my information? Should I list who was emailed and who was informed and with whom discussions were held with?

BTW, I am friends with the Novominsk’s daughter, my family members are very close to the Novominsk and are big Agudaniks, I was close to RYH and he still communicates with me, I tried many times to communicate with Zwiebel but he ignored me and refused to answer, we are friendly with Rabbi Gertzulen, my friend has spoken many times to Rabbi Kaminetzky, The bottom line is they are Nogeiah b’davar and they have to protect their own bottom line. They have to protect themselves from law suits and they can’t admit to anything.

Why are you trying to goad me into revealing more and more? As far as knowing people’s sides, the Agudhah’s side is clear, they are keeping quiet, they are saying NOT to go to the police because they have their own agenda. That is clear. The other side is the side of not just my friend but all the other victims as well. My friend, and Joel Engelman who’s molester is still teaching in Satmar yeshiva in wiliamsburg, and another victim who was hit with a double whammy since he was a victim of Kolko and then was sent for therapy to “Monstrowitz” by Ohel, or my friend who was a victim of “Monstrowitz” back in Chicago. What about the young man I met who pretends to be a goy because he was molested in the mikveh in Williamsburg and doesn’t want any part of his past life as a chasiddish Jew, his molester is in middle of trials now and he had the opportunity when he went to support another victim in Brooklyn court to face him. What about my chasidishe friend who was molested by his Rebbe as a kid, but no one believed him. Not his other Rebbeim, not the principal, not his parents. He still has difficulty today in his marriage and he is desperate that this will not happen to his children. His molester still walks the streets happy and proud that he never got caught. This past year he came face to face with him and his rage overtook him. He pounced him and beat the ” ” out of him. I asked if he felt better after that and he said “No, it made me feel like the animal that he is”. Should I go on? Or should I remind you that there are victims right here in the CR who have already mentioned that they were molested and how difficult it has been for them to deal with. Read the book HUSH then ask Judy Brown how many victims have contacted her and how many stories she knows. Call Rabbi Yanky Horowitz and ask him how many stories he knows and how many victims have come to ask him if they should go to the police.

Ask R’ Matisyahu Solomon what is going on in Lakewood and how he hushed it up. Ask Rivka Finkelstein how it came about that her house burned down on Pesach after a notice was spread about her dead son’s molestation. Speak to David Fromowitz who was the first to come forward about Kolko, I did. I went to private conferences on this issue. I was surrounded by victim/survivors and listened to their stories. Did you? They range from chasidishe to totally secular OTD. Male and female, young and old. Each with their own story whether their abuser was a family member or a mechanech. Each one carries the pain and trauma within. Some dealt with it better, some worse. Some were family members of victims who took their own lives or overdosed because of the pain.

How much more do you want from me? Why don’t you ask your friends, the Rabbis you know and trust, ask them why nothing has been done, why nothing has been changed, why nothing has been implemented after all these years, then come back to us and tell us what they said. Do you think this is easy for me????? Do you think this is a game of one-upmanship? Its NOT. It is your choice to believe what you want and to believe in whom you choose to believe in. I have said way more than I had intended to say and that is because of you. I hope you are proud of yourself.

S’yag as far as making sure you don’t have his books, its a matter of putting two and two together. Go back to the other thread to find out which yeshiva we were talking about and then ask the store if they have books written by a Rebbe of that yeshiva who is also on the Vaad of the Agudah and then figure it out. Although he still lives there he has been retired from teaching.