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OK i back..was out most of day with DH..

He wanted me to come along..

as soon as I get into car the yelling and blaming starts..

I asked, for this I came with you?

now to answer your questions..

its not B12 (even though its also good)..

B-COMPLEX is the vitamin, I have a friend who is taking 3×3 pills a day.and this comes recommended thru a nutritionist. its not an overdose! truthfully that much would make me nauseous but at some points in my life I opted for the nausea rather than the depression..

always- does ur dh only pick on one of your children?

besides making up stories and assumptions just so he can be angry my dh has one child in particular that gets a tripldose!

and as you askd earlier on.. Yes I would love to have a normal respectful loving relationship as we once had, but if this is how he acts and doesnt want to get help for anger control etc.. i refuse to suffer and be a victim of his mishigassen and that also erks him, that i hav such a great attitude and happy disposition and accept my ‘horrible bad chutspedigge’ children (which they r obviously not) just the way they are.. while he is SUFFERING.

Yes he has som slight health issues.. but nothing that cannot be taken care of and he just refuses to try to get help so he just broods and this is part of all the anger and horrifying attitude..

oy.. the list goes on but I must go take care of dear children and get them ready for bed..

I check situation soon