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jewww -“That’s a poor comparison. The woman who’s coughing believes that she is doing you harm so she will move. The one who is touching you does not believe she is doing you harm so why would she move?”

Actually -maybe you should read my post before commenting.

First of all, not everybody understands that coughing can spread disease and that’s why the gov. actually has an education program about how to cover a cough -to inform people. So there would be nothing wrong in asking that person to move.

Second of all, I posted that the Frei Israelis might not know what an Aveira is, but almost all of them know that this Frum Jew can’t touch women and this is part of his religion. So why not accomodate him? Why tread on someone else’s belief? Would a Chiloni eat a ham sandwich right next to a Muslim? And if they would and the Muslim asks the person to move -would they then say to the Muslim you move if you don’t like it or get off the bus?

Most Human Beings treat others with some sort of respect, even if they aren’t from the same religion, but for some reason noone has respect for Frum Jews!