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AinOhdMilvado -“In my humble opinion, if someone is really and truly so anti-Zionist, they should not use anything from the ‘terrible’ Tziyonim”.”

I agree, but not every Godol said it was Ossur!

“When I say ANYTHING, I mean the majority of the country’s infrastructure, i.e. highways, electical system, water system, phone system, etc.”

And they do this all for free? There is no such a thing as an electric bill or a phone bill, etc. in EY?

“Most certainly they should NOT make use of the I.D.F. which they so malign and detest. What do I mean by “make use of the I.D.F.”? Simply, they should not BE in Eretz Yisrael. Why not? For the simple reason, that since Mashiach has not yet arrived, the fact is that without the I.D.F. EVERY JEW in Eretz Yisrael from the most secular to the most ‘ultra-chareidi’ would be slaughtered by the yishmaelim! Thus, just to be ALIVE one is making use of the Tziyoni I.D.F.”

An absolute lie. Hashem protects us, not the Tziyonim!

Did you ever learn Torah -like Chumash?

It was our Army that destroyed the Egyptians, not Hashem.

It was Avrohom Aveinu’s army that destroyed the kings he was fighting against, not Hashem. The last two lines are your version.

My version everbody else knows!

“Of course, this is just my personal opinion, – I would not want to get ‘ha’na’ah’ from someone I detest. If one now lives in (PRE-Mashiach)Eretz Yisrael, they ARE, de-facto, getting benefit from the I.D.F.”

Actually it’s the Freye who are still alive because of all the Zecusim of the Frumme, esp. the guys whom learn Torah all day!

So the Freye have to have Hakoras Hatov to the Bnei Torah!

Where did you learn how to be so Krum???