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Your ideas would not be at all HEALTHy for the Jews of Eretz Yisrael, frum or frei.

Yes, my tzadik, of course HaSh-m can protect us, but that is when we have the zechusim for the neesim g’luyim that would be required to survive without an IDF. Perhaps you think the frum HAVE those zechusim but the frei don’t (so THEY need the IDF?)

Perhaps you remember the little incident of the Chevron massacre, where dozens of FRUM Jews were slaughtered by the yishmaeli savages BEFORE there was a Tziyoni state, slaughtered as they sat learning in the beis medrash!!!

Yes tzadik, HaSh-m protects us, BUT to count on that protection alone, in today’s Middle East, would be to be somaiych al ha’nais, which of course we are NOT supposed to do. Therefore, as I said above, in today’s pre-mashiach world, EVERY Jew in Eretz Yisrael needs the IDF if he/she wants to be able to wake up in the morning.

By the way, the fact that people are paying water and electricity bills does not change the fact they are USING the infrastructure of the ZIONIST state. If I hated the state, I would NOT want to be USING them EVEN if (or especially if) I was paying them.

And by the way, where did YOU learn to be calling people you don’t know at all “krum”?!? I suppose anyone who does not agree with “R’ Health” is “krum”.

Asarah b’Teves and so much sinas chinam – very sad.