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“If you don’t know -paying for a service is called business and you are allowed to do business even with Goyim – even if the Goyim created the infrastructure.”

I agree one can do business with goyim, but YOU seem to feel that Tziyonim are WORSE than goyim, that they are the enemies of Torah Jews. If you feel they are SO detestable, and your numerous comments indicate that you DO, you should NOT do business with them any more than you would do business with skinheads or klansmen (who are obviously also worse than stam goyim). Therefore, you should not put yourself in a position (by being in Eretz Yisrael) of having to use the services of the Tziyonim whether you pay for it or not. That goes for EVERYTHING, from the control tower Tziyonim at the airport that enable your plane to land, to the roads you use to get places, to all the other items I mentioned above, not the least of which is the IDF which allows you to stay alive with your throat un-slit. (Certainly you don’t think YOU have greater zechusim for divine protection than the yeshiva students in Chevron in 1929!?!)

You wrote: “I agree; but where is this Sinah eminating from?????”

Look in the mirror.