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Yserbius, If the mathematical probability of even one of the chemical reactions supposed to have taken place in the “chemical soup” that is claimed to have existed on the planet’s surface at the “beginning” is more than 1,000,000 to 1 to happen, how could you even chance that it would have happened a second time. The theory of evolution has its root in these chemical reactions coming together to create some type of a being that came out of the soup. The likelihood of a part of the body of one creature that exists or has existed on this planet being created out of this soup of completely ridiculous. How did the current billions of people on the planet all end up more alike than not (hair/eye color not withstanding) for what is supposed to be thousands of years already with no evidence of any evolutionary changes going on at this time. How did an eye create itself? How did two of them get onto one face, how did they duplicate themselves for the next person/animal? I understand that a person has to have bechira, but to me it is obvious that these things did not happen by change, thus I am left with only one conclusion, that they were put their by design. I changed my entire life based on this one understanding, left my native city 20 years ago and wouldn’t go back to believing such narishkeit again. It’s so obviously been thought out by people trying to avoid any obligation to anything other than their own personal desires.