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EY Mom: That doesn’t make any sense. We are Machmir that Mei Peiros are Machmitz Miyad. Shouldn’t Gebrochts for Mei Peiros be more Machmir than water?

And dipping shouldn’t be a problem even if you don’t eat Gebrochts. Just make sure to eat it immediately. You do have 18 (or more) minutes before any Chashash Chametz even begins to exist.

As an aside, I once met someone who bragged how Machmir he was on Gebrochts. He was worried about the Matzah becoming Chametz in his mouth. (He had a good Sevara, we say that warm water is Machmitz much faster and body temperature is quite warmer than room temperature.) So he ate his Matzah inside a plastic baggie. I slapped my head to my forehead and walked away. (I didn’t explain to him why he wasn’t Yotzei because he used to get violently angry whenever I would tell him why his silly Chumros actually led to more problems than they solved. I think I was Yotzei Tochachah with him until he was willing to hit me.)