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There are currently a few Yeshivot in the Hesder program that are considered chareidi or have close ties to the chareidi velt – Bircas HaTorah in Shavei Shomron comes to mind. A constructive approach might be to create a fully chareidi stream of hesder, with both a study and Tzahal stream as well as a study and Sherut Leumi stream. I think that the army and the government would be amenable to a program that devotes the majority of time to learning, as they have done with existing hesder, and they might even go further.

Another idea is to take the initiative in creating new avenues in sherut leumi that could give b’nei Torah an incredible opportunity to have a hashpo’oh on Jews who have little exposure to Torah and Mitzvos, be it in education, in social services, in helping the old and the infirm.

Bottom line is that there are constructive and creative ways to meet the challenge that don’t include hafganos and telling the other 5 million citizens of Israel that their children should be prepared to lay down their lives for another Jew, but ours shouldn’t, while still deriving benefit from the infrastructure, budgets, and services provided by the State that all Israelis live in. .