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EY Mom -“Number one, can someone please show me one chareidi school that doesn’t teach basic math?”

Even if they don’t -since when is it the Gov. responsibility to make sure that they do? This is the parents’ responsibility. Putting yourself in place of the parents is definitely Rishous. Now I personally don’t believe any Yeshiva should take money from the evil Zionists -so maybe this is a good thing.

“Number two, can someone please tell me – if Yesh Atid et al do not have an agenda, how come Arab schools get to teach whatever they want and still keep their funding, but chareidi schools can’t?”

Hypocrisy at it’s finest. All of a sudden we have to cut funding to Yeshivos because of no English or Math. It’s funny even without these core subjects most Charedim turn out to be decent citizens. If there is a problem in education it’s in the Freye schools. After these schools they learn behaviors which aren’t good for society, like violent crime, alcoholism, drug addiction, how to get AIDS, how to have abortions, etc. Perhaps the Israeli Gov. should pay more money to the Yeshivos to teach them how to raise people who won’t have all society ills. They seem to be doing a much better job than the rest of the Israeli society.