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ROB -“The sad part is that you live in a fantasy world of your own making. How the Jews fared in the Ottoman world has no relationship to today’s world, when -as Leyzer wrote- the Muslim religion has metastasized into a virulent , murderous religion that will not deal kindly with any religion other than their own-see Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Nigeria and others, too numerous to mention.”

And the fact that you don’t mention is that this has to do mostly because of the creation of the Medina. The reason you don’t want to look back to the times before the Medina is because you don’t want to believe that the Medina has caused this great hatred from the Muslims. The fact is the Islam religion hasn’t changed over hundreds of years. The fact is the Zionists started up with them because they convinced themselves that to solve the Jewish problem would be to create a State. They sorely missed the boat -to solve the Jewish problem we need to return to our Father in Heaven. By pretending that the State will solve the problems only causes Hashem to be more angry at the Jewish people; by getting rid of it is the first step in going back to Hashem.