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Just Emes (for MDD, too):


But that’s “only” one of the oaths. The other oath, of being meoreir the ahava before its time, was still violated even if it would have been with everyone’s permission, which it wasn’t.

Also, Google (no quotes) “Rabbi Reisman Zionism”.

“…most of the Torah rabbis opposed the establishment of a Jewish state in our ancient homeland…As Rabbi Reuven Grozovsky wrote, the ideals don’t change. The ideal of sticking to the three oaths remains [even after the founding of the State].” And that’s before he gets to the Satmar Rov’s position.

As to the end of your post, “many jews are not attacked outright even in other nations because of fear that Israeli teams of agents will come after them”, this is laughable. Jews in other countries have, on occasion, Hashem Yishmor, suffered anti-semitic attacks. Have you read about Zionists knights in shining armor rushing in to save them?

Aderaba, our gedolim have also written that Zionism has given non-Jews further “ammunition” in their hatred against Jews.

Regarding the Holocaust, read what the Zionists admit about their actions/inactions during that terrible time.

For example: