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akuperma- “If you look at other countries, such as the American Jewish community after the Revolution, the Civil War, and the world wars – there is certainly a reason for the zionists to hope that mass conscription into regular army units will enable a preservation of the zionist majority.”

From my understand of the situation, the Jews with a more Zionistic outlook are not calling for the Gzerios of Bochrim into the army for the purpose of causing our boys to conform to their ideals and outlook.

That being said, we need to be sure that Bochrim don’t get pulled into a way of life that we don’t nessicarily agree with, but respect. To be a truly loving Jew, we can’t speak about other Jews like you speak of them. The Zionists aren’t looking for a majority, I believe they are looking for unity with the Charieidim. They believe in fighting for Israel, we believe in fighting for Eretz Yisroel. Should there be more appropriate way of asking our opinion on this Gezeria instead of forcing it? I’d wish so.