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    I am looking for ideas how 2 make tubishvat more interesting and enjoyable for the entire family, how to make it memorable etc.


    Sefardim have a seder for Tu Bishvat that is done before dinner on that night, kind of like the yehi ratzon “seder” that is done on Rosh Hashana. They try to get 100 different types of fruits/nuts/wines, at least one of each of the shivat haminim, and at least one that would be shehecheyanu. They go around the table with everyone saying brachos on the shivat haminim and then eat the rest of the foods.

    Btw, on Tu Bishvat one should daven to find a good esrog for the upcoming sukkos.


    On Tu B’shvat the sap has come up in the tree and the fruits start to develop. Therefore when one makes a bracha on the fruits one can have a positive influence on the development of the fruits that will grow the coming season. This is also why it is an opportune time to daven for a good esrog. Keeping this in mind when you make a bracha and eat the fruits should make things more meaningful.


    Besides wearing clean nicer weekday clothes (not bigdei shabbos), wife prepares a special, delicious meal for supper (not necessarily a fruit themed menu), and for dessert we have nice delicious fruits, including fruits from the 7 minim. We used to include lots of nuts, but one child is allergic, so we substitute other yummies like fruit candy, and nosh.

    We try to make it somewhat of a special night, teaching the kids what it’s all about, and the ‘miracle’ of fruits. We can teach the meaning of a brocho, and the delight Hashem has from each bracha, we tell how Tatty davens for a nice esrog, and describe the 7 minim, etc.

    ED IT OR

    30 days before the chag….(yerusholayim)

    is wine considered one of my 15



    we eat our fruits (and other foods) on skewers and dip them in a chocolate fondu

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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