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    The posuk (Vayikra 23:16) says: Tispiru Hamishim Yom. (You should count 50 days).

    Yet most people give up counting after 49. Anyone has a good explanation for this?


    Pretty simple, i look in the siddur the night after counting 49, and i see there’s nothing to count anymore in this siddur. So i figure it’s a typo and take out another siddur, but i have the same issue. After going thru allthe siddurim in my house and not finding the thing to count, i give up.

    Another reason is because it says sheva shavoas tispar lecha, and I’m done my sheva shavoas and I’m not looking for more work.


    I believe Karaits count day 50.


    Why is that so difficult just to count it? I thought Rabbonim are not allowed to mivater a Deoraisa?


    The Toroh says 40 Makkos and yet 39 get administered. i.e. 1 less is still considered in the ball park of the number stated by the Toroh.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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