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    NO, I take that back (not the writing style part, which really did have me thinking it was me who wrote it).

    I’m convinced that Moshe Rose really does believe in the things he writes (not sure how that jives with him being on-line, but life is full of inconsitencies).


    BP Totty, yes, I’ve noticed that we seem to think alike! But no, I don’t think I know you. Did you mention that you only have bigger boys? Unless you have a married daughter I don’t think I know any other BP Tottys…


    LAer –

    No daughters in our lineup (until the D-I-Ls show up):)

    Our boys are 14-20 (Yes, I hear the clock ticking, ticking, ticking…..)

    But it was more than just our ideas being on the same track. “Sheesh, lighten up” and the outrageous identity you painted for MR is just the kind of wise-cracky sarcasm that I would have written. Boy will it be funny if we do rin into one another one day. Then again, we have a few new familes in our colony this summer, so maybe…. ?


    i dont chAP why after basic checking, the boy and girl cant just meet?! whats the worst that can happen (if a huge amount of traveling is not the case)..why do we need to become so superficial and check in to stupidity-and into things that the boy and girl probably wouldnt even care about in other ppl in their lives…/?


    Nope, no colonies for me… doesn’t my screen name tip you off?


    does anyone else find it ironic, that there are 107 posts, to a thread called 5 (five) most important Shidduch Questions?

    not what do you think is the most important Shidduch Questions? but here are the 5, i got a kick out of it.


    mosherose – you’re not serious ARE you? He was cheppering (kibbitzing, teasing) you. Please!

    Well, truth to tell, I was saying it to provoke him. However, it is the truth… but that’s only because Wilma* put up the linguine by mistake instead of the spaghetti.

    The Wolf

    *No, that’s not my daughter’s real name.


    “Sheesh, mosherose, lighten up! Just because not everyone does exactly what you do (or what you CLAIM to do, or what you preach) doesn’t mean they’ll “roast” for it.

    Am I the only one that’s waiting for the day that mosherose pops out and says “Surprise! I’m really an open-minded, colored-shirt-wearing, YU graduate with a PhD in astrophysics and nothing better to do with my time than stir up other people”? “

    I was wondering that myself.


    Wait, you forget these questions:

    1. Do you or your family speak lashon hara? If no, I cannot marry you.

    2. Do you or your family disdain non frum jews? if not, you are not religious enough for me.

    3. Do you or your family steal from non Jews, and say its okay, and justify it? If no, you have no place being a jew.

    4. Do you or your family only learn and not teach those who who do not know, i.e. the ignorant jewish masses? if so you are perfect for me.


    Five? I thought only two:

    1: How much?

    2: How much up front?


Viewing 10 posts - 101 through 110 (of 110 total)
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