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    98 is associated with curses and Sinat chinam.

    Today (Sunday day time) was the 10th of Tevet, the 98th day of the year.

    We fasted because of the curse of Sinat Chinam, baseless hatred of fellow Jews.

    I listened to a shiur today that talked about this stuff, and the curses associated with this day and around this day.

    Suddenly something ending in 98 cents isn’t as appealing as something ending in 99 cents. Once in a while I find stuff ending in 97 cents.

    Two pieces of food ending in 99 cents make for $Something.98 at the register. Eeeks.


    Jewish version of not buying something for $6.66?


    Except that here, how many people know about the number 98?! I had no clue until today.

    Not only that, but $6.66 is so rare. OTOH a plethora of products, foods, and services end in 98.

    Omgosh!!! Then there are the billions of people… maybe hundreds of thousands of Jews or more born in the 1980s.

    I know a bunch of 1980 Jews(!) Even Jared Kushner was born in 1981.

    Also, does the 98th day affect anyone who isn’t Jewish? Our bad day is another’s good day.


    LB: The 10th of Teves can be on the 98th day, 99th day or the 100th day of the year counting from the first of Tishrei. I am not sure if the lecturer pointed this out.


    iacisrmma: The lecturer said specifically the 98th. I don’t want to accuse him of being wrong. So I rather say that maybe I misheard (but I listened and he emphasized the 98 a number of times).

    He said that it’s always the 98th. It falls on a diff day each year but it’s the 98th day. He said the some bad things happened the day before and after. But the 10th of Tevet is the 98th day.

    squeak: Are you saying that it changes when there is an eclipse?


    LB- this is the first time I ever heard about the number 98 being significant, and I have been frum for more than 4 decades.

    Numbers can have symbolic meaning and significance, but halacha does not follow superstition. Don’t worry about buying something that ends in .98 or living on the 98th floor or having 98 people at a party or being friends with someone born in the 1980s or 1998.


    LB: The Hebrew calendar is based on months alternating between 29 and 30 days. 10 months are fixed; 2 are flexible. In a non-leap year Nissan (30), Iyar (29), Sivan (30), Tamuz, (29), Menachem Av (30), Elul (29), Tishrei (30), Marcheshvan (29 or 30), Kislaiv (29 or 30), Teves (29), Shvat (30), Adar (29). In a leap year Adar Rishon (30) and Adar Sheni (29).

    This year (5777) both Marcheshvan and Kislaiv had only 29 days each therefore Asarah B’teves was on the 98th day of the year (30+29+29+10=98).

    If Marcheshvan has 29 days and Kislaiv 30 says then it is the 99th day of the year (30+29+30+10=99).

    If Marcheshvan has 30 days and Kislaiv 30 days then it is the 100th day of the year (30+30+30+10=100).


    LB: I didn’t hear the lecture so what I am writing is “speculation”.

    Based on what I wrote above,the 98th day of the year is either on the 8th, 9th or 10th of Teves. On each of these days we have a reason to fast. See Rabbi Hoffman’s article:

    Asarah B’Teives – Halachos and Insights

    It may be that the lecturer was stating that the 98th day of the year is a “tragic” day due to these events.


    iacisrmma: Yes, that could very well be. Thanks for the detailed explanation and references!

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