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    Busy As A Bee

    Is there something wrong with driving with the windows down and playing Jewish music semi loud?

    During this type of weather I like to drive with my windows down instead of the air condoning and since I love music I constantly have music on. It’s not rocking loud but u def can hear it especially when I’m at a light or something. Is there anything wrong with this and if so, what?


    Two issues are that a. it definitely draws attention to you and b. a bas yisroel shouldn’t be doing something punk like.


    Not every question in Tznius you have to ask. A big part of Tznius is about your own feelings.

    If you feel ok with playing music when your car windows are down, and every pedestrian will turn his/her head toward your car and give a look, then go ahead. It’s not a question. It’s about using some sense and judging for yourself.


    This is totally dependant on one thing:

    If you’re driving a 16 passenger van (or somthing like that), keep it down (the kids make enough racket, as it is).

    If you are driving, say a BWM 6 series , crank it up!


    Depends on what your playing. Some cheesy jewish boy band, I would call the tznius police to bleach you and your car.


    Depends on what your playing.

    Yeah, that too, but since that’s a little subjective, I left it off. Still, some cuts NEED to be played loud, so in some cases, no matter what you’re driving, the volumes gotta go to the stop.


    Is there something wrong with driving with the windows down and playing Jewish music semi loud?

    most certainly

    chronic exposure to loud sound damages the hearing. f you want to be able to hear your anyclach when they talk to you, guard your hearing when you are young

    am yisrael chai

    mod-80 😉


    BusyAsABee, I don’t think there is anything wrong with doing that, aside from what Mod-80 said about hearing damage. I also, when driving in nice weather, will roll down the windows and play music quite loud. I do try to be sensitive to others, though, and lower the volume if at a red light or if I see someone on the phone. Also, in terms of good taste, I think it is subjective to the type of music you are playing, as some posters already said. Some music is meant to be played loud, and some is not. For the record though, I play all my music loud. ( Mostly classic rock, metal, jazz, and classical. I hate rap/ hip-hop.)


    But 80, that’s only the mid range frequencies. Most people put up the bass only.




    i feel like if non-Jews were driving near you in the street it would cause a chillul Hashem and they would think badly of Jews and of Jewish music especially if they won’t be able to hear their own music 😉

    Busy As A Bee

    Ok first of all its only Jewish Music,

    Mod – 80 if the windows are open half the sound waves jump outside instead of into my ears so its not so bad. Besides I dont have it blaring but my car is really not sound proof like some other cars and even when the window is closed if it’s on any volume above 4 you can hear it.

    If it’s a loud song I try to lower it by red lights but in general its not.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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